The 3 Things you Need to do Today to Increase Website Visibility

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The 3 Things You Need To Do Today To Increase Website Visibility 1

The 3 things you need to increase website visibility

Updated July 2nd 2020

There are myriad ways to improve your site ranking in Google and you can spend a ton doing it. But there’s exciting stuff happening in the Google world for your business! And while the news isn’t new exactly, Google has been fussing around with some of these things which is why I’ve waited until now to share with you how you can increase website visibility using the new-ish tools.

While there are a ton of ways to increase SEO ranking, today we’ll focus on three things you need to do to right now to increase your business website visibility AKA get seen by the peeps that care about you and your business. And they won’t cost you anything but your time.

These Google tools are key to the success of your business

Google Analytics

Create a Google Analytics (GA) account to connect to your website. Download the Yoast for SEO plugin on their website directly or go into your WordPress dashboard and do it there. Then open the configuration wizard within Yoast and follow all the instructions. Yoast will help you connect it all AND offers tips and tricks to optimize your content too. It’s probably the best and easiest way to get rolling on SEO strategies for your site. It also connects to the next point, Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Create a Google Search Console account by logging into your gmail account first and then searching for it via the Google search engine within your Google Apps. Download the .html file to your root folder and verify your domain. Don’t know how to do that? No problem. You may have noticed that within Yoast there is a tab for Google Search Console. Yas! Go back there and follow the instructions again. This is a sure way to increase your site visibility AND you can check your live site stats to see where traffic is going on your site and adjust accordingly. Don’t forget to verify http and https and www and non-www versions of your site. Google treats them all differently and that can mean a loss of traffic to your main URL if you don’t do this.

Google My Business

Have you ever wondered how to get your business information noticed by the masses? Google My Business Account is the ticket. You create a profile and input all the relevant information about your business.

NOTE: If you are currently building out your site, wait until you’ve got it live before editing your Google My Business profile. You don’t want Google to index your site before it is ready and this is no exception.

Have a look at the screenshot of our Google My Business account to see what I mean. There are changes being made all the time so I just updated the photo below as there used to be a ‘get a quote’ button that is no longer there! I updated the hours, and during this time of uncertainty, there are now Covid-19 updates and some of your changes may take longer than usual to get approved. Once you’re ready to tackle your profile click through all aspects and add information where necessary. Also note that anyone can suggest an update to your profile so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it so your information is accurate and up to date. 

Check out how Google displays our Business profile.

Google My Business Profile Page

We’re Here for You

Do you have any questions about how to get the ball rolling on increasing your business website visibility? We’ve written more on the subject of SEO too. Have a look at the 12 tips you need to include in your SEO strategy.

Shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you in two shakes of a pup’s tail.

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