How to Take a Screenshot or Screen Capture in Your Browser

Taking a screenshot in Firefox is easy!

Use Firefox and Bob’s Your Uncle

Watch this video to learn how to take a screenshot or screen capture in Firefox web browser on desktop. Don’t use Firefox? Download it here. Using Firefox is especially good for web developers and anyone that experiences caching issues when viewing their website after making any changes when using Chrome. Simply switch to your Firefox browser, reload your site and Bob’s your uncle.

If that doesn’t do the trick just clear the cache. Still having issues? It may be your server cache or a plugin cache on your website. But that’s a topic for our next post, dropping soon!

Did you clear your cache?

said every web designer everywhere.

Privacy is Respected on Firefox

If you’re concerned about privacy, Firefox does a better job of blocking ads and allows you to browse faster these days because it uses less memory than Chrome. It hasn’t always been that way because Firefox has had it challenges in the past but the latest update has improved the user experience a lot.

If you would like to know how to take screenshots in Firefox but from your IPhone or Android device please keep reading.

Screenshots are Necessary in the Covid World

Knowing how to easily take a screenshot on various devices not only makes life easier, i.e you need to take a snap of your health care vaccine QR code to keep on hand when we can finally get to go back and enjoy a meal in a restaurant in your favourite restaurant or hop on a plane for that much needed vacation.

Or maybe just stay home and watch Christmas vacation. Sigh…

Not every household is like ours, we strictly use Apple products as it is just easier when it comes to knowing how to do hacks like this one and compatibility between devices.


The next screenshot was discussed in the video above but if a visual is better for you just take a screenshot to keep for reference. See what I did there?

At Mozilla, we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet.

Taking a Screenshot with Mac

Taking a screenshot on IOS

Taking a screenshot on IOS

There are so many more ways to take screenshots and screen captures on any device you have on hand, except for that flip phone you’re still using…

Using the built in features of your preferred web browser saves a lot of time and you don’t need to install an extension to up your tech savvy game.

Bookmark this page and come back to it if you’ve updated your OS or IOS and find the above instructions are no longer working. And I’ll be including how to take a screenshot on Chrome and yes, even Safari, which is basically the bane of my existence in the web design and development world.

Why can’t the browsers and devices all get along?

Don’t even get me started on Microsoft Edge.

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