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What is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization?​

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Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is a detailed process of helping your customers find your business website online. There is a lot to sift through, literally billions of websites are currently live on the web.

So, how do you stand out?

We prepare a solid SEO strategy that includes finding out who your ideal customer is, your competition and how your products and/or services are different in our discovery process. We take all that information and apply it to both onpage, local and offpage SEO.

It’s critical to note however, that SEO done right takes time.

You can expect to see certain results right away but most of the time it can take a solid six months or more to see big changes.

Anyone who tells you different might be referring to an increase in traffic when paying for ads. The minute you stop running ads could result in a loss of traffic unless the content on your site is compelling enough to bring users back organically, ie because they want to.

Building a strong SEO strategy takes time. But it will pay off if you’ve hired the right agency or person who understands your business needs and cares enough and can get you the results you need. Check out this article on Forbes to learn how long it takes for search engine optimization to show results.

SEO Increase Sales

If you want to increase sales and grow your business you need to increase exposure on Google. End of. But there are many strategies to get you there.

We’ve helped customers triple their business with our SEO strategy and we can do the same for you, given enough time.

Our goal is to rank pages on your site on the first page of Google for top organic searches. Ninety percent of your potential customers will never look further than the first page in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Again, this takes time. Everyone and their dog wants to be on page one!

Do you have other questions?

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Technical SEO

Onpage or technical website SEO services focus on the functionality and user experience on your website. How easy is it for users to navigate your website? Does your site load fast and does the content do your business justice? Is your message on point? Are blog posts delivering the right message? Are they formatted for scanability, keywords researched thoroughly?

SEO is not a set once and done process. We monitor your website and make adjustments as needed. Once we’ve handled all the fixes your site needs, speed, updates, broken links etc we can move on to improving content, tracking site visits and parsing down the pages that are ranking, where and how users interact with pages. We can then optimize your current content, make suggestions for topics and help you edit and write blog posts. We perform thorough competitive research and analysis to better understand what they are doing and improve on it.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is basically a process through which we discover what potential customers are typing into Google by getting into their heads. No we’re not mind readers but it’s important to know what customers want in your niche and how to help them find your website.

Focus on Content

Once all the technical work is done and we’ve got keywords and phrases that your customers use to find you, we will advise you on the kind of content that needs to be on your site. Hiring us to write blog posts and copy and edit existing copy may be the best way forward if you don’t have the time to do the work yourself. We offer content writing as part of our website care plans which makes it super convenient and super hands off.

How much do our services cost?

Well, that depends. Once the FREE consultation is complete, we will have a much better idea on what is needed to perform a fee for service full site audit, starting at $350+, which may be applied in part towards your full package should you decide to hire us.

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