Why Is Google My Business Important for Local SEO?

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Have you been wondering how Google My Business works and how it impacts your business? Does it have an impact on search engine optimization (SEO) for local search? The short answer is YES! The other short answer is that in order to use if effectively, updating your listing every week is a great idea to get more exposure for your business.

For fun you can google ‘proud pup media‘ and you’ll see the same listing as you see on the right hand side. (It may look different by the time you read this.)

It’s full of great info about our company including ‘reviews’ and ‘request a quote’ Now, I’m not telling you this to toot our own horn, far from it. It is just so important to be on top of what Google is doing to help businesses get found and to know how to do it effectively with the least amount of resources. Because frankly speaking, unless you have a huge marketing and SEO budget, the playing field isn’t all that level. If you need to know how to create your Google My Business account you can find a ton on the web, of course or check out this tutorial which gives you the goods step by step.

Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

So go and set up up your profile! And once you do, keep it updated with images, posts and of course your business hours etc., and you’ll see an increase in your traffic to your site. If you’d rather let us do the heavy lifting for you just give us a ring at 778.839.0696 or fill out the contact form.

Want to know more? Here’s a great case study resource on Moz.

Current Profile

Google My Business-Profile-Page

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