Digging into WordPress Code

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Digging into WordPress code is fun for a geek like me.

Whether it’s coding a site from scratch (though I do less of this these days with all the amazing tools and third party add ons and apps offered in WordPress) or customizing the heck out of a theme and creating my own templates I thoroughly enjoy putting on my detective’s hat.

There is nothing more sweet than a brand new site
One that’s slick and unexpectedly quick

as a pup’s sweet kiss

Dig getting to the heart of a code breakdown
Styling the rights

Righting the wrongs
Live to WordPress

All the day long.

~anonymous (just kidding, it’s Lee-Anne!)

(Slight exaggeration here. I do have a life but a silly poem is fun too, right?)

All kidding aside, working with WordPress is complex, challenging and rewarding. Have you ever encountered the white screen of death? Or your site goes down unexpectedly after you hit update on one of the plugins that’s begging for an update? It can be utterly frightening. If you don’t know what I am talking about, don’t sweat it. That, my friend, is MY job when we work together.

So if you don’t relish digging into code and would like help with your site we can help. Check out our plans and then contact us for a quote.

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