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Our Purpose.

about proud pup media

About Lee-Anne Ekland, CEO, Lead Designer

Lee-Anne started Proud Pup Media in February 2018 with the vision to provide small business owners in her network the website services they need to grow their online presence and brands on the web. 

She’s an award-winning writer, deep thinker & lover of design & pretty much anything that has to do with dogs and web design and development.

She used work in the spa industry and gave a mean facial but after becoming a mom, she ventured out to become an award-winning blogger where she developed a love for coding, web development & design.

She’s still a writer, loves yoga, reading & spends her down time with her CCO and family.

about proud pup media

About Paige the Doodle, CCO

Aside from being a cutie, she’s a smarty. Born in Grand Forks, BC, she now resides in Edmonton with her family.

Paige’s role as Muse and CCO (Cutest Canine Officer) at Proud Pup Media provides a unique perspective and reminds us that the relationships we build with clients is top priority.

Her overall support is second to none and while she’s not a developer or designer, she brings a deep sense of joy to our work.

It’s important for Paige to enjoy time off from her responsibilities here at Proud Pup Media finding the next adventure to be had and to spend time sleeping and connecting with her beloved family pack.

All kidding aside, we hire out for bigger projects that include business model evaluations, graphic design and for deeper dives into website development so she can get a much needed rest from her duties.

The Proud Pup Media Difference.

We listen.

We listen carefully to your business needs and goals.

We listen to you and your project needs and provide clear and effective communication throughout the design and development of your website. We’ll provide regular updates along the way and answer any questions you have.

We pride ourselves on our listening skills, (some of us have better hearing that others, woof!) so we still take cues from our CCO in that department.

We Go above and Beyond.

Do you need a web designer that puts customer service and experience at the top of the list? We pride ourselves on best-in-show customer experience and strive to meet or exceed your expectations every time.

We Deliver Exceptional Results on Time.

Do you need your project delivered on time and within budget? We pride ourselves on meeting your expectations every single time.

Your Vision.
Our Mission.

We Believe In
Hard Work And Dedication.

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