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Hello Canada! Say hey! to your new best friend in business.

Our web design, website care plans, website marketing and search engine optimization packages are best in show. We offer well-researched, thoughtful and modern web design, website marketing strategies, website care plans and effective search engine optimization solutions for your growing business.

Why work with us?

We offer friendly, professional services and support for all your website needs. We want you to succeed and will work hard to help make that happen.

  • Get More Traffic

    Attract more customers in your target markets across Canada and North America with our proven, local search engine optimization strategies, lead-focused design and mobile responsive layouts.

  • Gain More Time

    Get more free time to spend in the Great Outdoors, pup and family in tow, when you hire us. Our monthly website care plans reduce stress and our design services are best in show! Mobile responsiveness, security, safety and speed are top of mind in all our website builds.

  • Get More Sales

    Turn visitors into customers with our e-commerce solutions that bring in more leads and sales, landing pages that convert, and gorgeous design.

Working with Proud Pup Media was a smooth experience! ... got what we needed done a million times faster than I could have ever done! I've learned over the years that hiring a professional is the way to go! Good experience all around!

Rachel Devine

Web Design

Custom web design services that attract more customers, e-commerce solutions to build out your dream online store to market and sell your products and improve your bottom line.

Local Search Engine Optimization & Website Marketing

Grow organic web traffic and increase local search rankings with one of our website marketing and SEO plan. Watch your business grow as your website visibility increases translating into sales and more profit.

Website Care Plans & Hosting

Keep your website up to date, backed up, secure and safe from malware and hackers with the best web hosting in Canada and across North America. Add that to one of our website care plans and you've got the best solution going forward so you can focus on what matters in your business.

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